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The Mousetrap

Poster der Ostensibles Produktion ”The Mousetrap“

Poster: The Ostens­ibles e. V.

Directed by Marie Fontaine
Produced by Britta Nörenberg

Fri­day, 26. Novem­ber 2010
Sat­urday, 27. Novem­ber 2010
Tues­day, 30. Novem­ber 2010

Agatha Christie’s masterpiece

A group of eight strangers, a snowstorm, a guest house cut off from civil­isa­tion, a series of unsolved murders, and a host of oth­er spine-chilling ele­ments mas­ter­fully com­bined to cre­ate a world of sus­pi­cion and intrigue in the world clas­sic who­dun­nit, The Mousetrap. In her own inim­it­able style, Agatha Christie has cre­ated an atmo­sphere of shud­der­ing sus­pense and a bril­liantly intric­ate plot where murder lurks around every corner. As the world’s longest run­ning play, The Mousetrap has enthralled audi­ences for over five dec­ades. Now watch the omin­ous clues reveal them­selves at Osnabrück’s Haus der Jugend, but beware: noth­ing is what it seems…

Ostens­ibles present Agatha Christie’s best known murder mys­tery, dir­ec­ted by Mar­ie Fon­taine and pro­duced by Britta Nörenberg.

Cast “The Mousetrap”

Dan­cers, Voice – Michaela Bieni­as, Georg Seidel
Mol­lie Ral­ston – Insa Schröder
Giles Ral­ston – Mar­cus Küdde
Chris­toph­er Wren – Janis Buß
Mrs Boyle – Ursula Hil­ter­haus
Major Met­calf – Andre Garthaus
Miss Case­well – Den­ise Tiefenthaler
Para­vi­cini – Gra­ham Chip­per­field
Ser­geant Trot­ter – Robert Muil

Crew “The Mousetrap”

dir­ec­ted by – Mar­ie Fon­taine
pro­duced by – Britta Nören­berg
Assist­ant Pro­du­cer – Tina Teuber
Stage Man­ager – Anja Wink­ler
Stage Crew – Kath­ar­ina Weichel, Tina Teuber, Klaus Zae­per, Ursula Wer­melt, Robert Grasselli-Schmidt
Cos­tumes – Christina Vink-Niese, Kim­berly Engelk­ing
Make-up & Hair – Mari­on Schni­er, Heike Hell­mich, Ren­ate Ihmels
Lights – Hank Han­cock, Dav­id Hosni, Ian Brace
Sounds – Markus Hollins, Hank Han­cock
Set Design & Con­struc­tion – Hank Han­cock, Roberta Grasselli-Schmidt, Markus Hollins
Props, Prompts – Roberta Grasselli-Schmidt, Charmi­an Bil­ger
PR, Web Admin, Pro­gramme – Janis Buß
Pho­tos – Andre Garthaus
Front of House – Susanne Ossen­beck, Ruth Mur­as-Wich­ert et al
Poster – Janis Buß, Manuela Schütze
Tick­et Sales, Girl Fri­day – Charmi­an Bilger